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A Squad

: This squad will train 3 times a week. Swimmers are expected to swim distances ranging from 25 metres to approximately 800 metres. All aspects of training will be covered, with a larger emphasis now being placed on fitness levels.  Swimmers will be expected to participate in competition throughout the year.  Generally most of these swimmers will attend Regional Development Meets, but any swimmer who achieves an ‘A’ time, as set out in the Graded Tables, will now be eligible to swim in the Regional Qualifying Meets  (Link to Graded Tables can be found on In certain cases a swimmer may be asked to swim on a relay with at a Regional Qualifying Meet.

How do I get promoted to the A Squad

From the Junior Squad:


Promotion into our ‘A’ Squad will be based on a time trial and qualifying times. If you have any queries you can contact Johnny at 086 8358750. To be promoted from our Junior Squad into our ‘A’ Squad, a swimmer has to be in the Junior Squad for at least one year and be at least 8 years of age. At our Time Trial the standard for promotion is 46 seconds for 50 metres frontcrawl at age 8, and 43 seconds for 9 years of age and over.


From the Development Squad:

100 metre Time Trial

The Club will hold two 100 metre Time Trials for Development Squad swimmers aged 10 years and over. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards will be presented to swimmers achieving the standard time for their ages (see below). Any swimmer who achieves the Gold standard will be promoted into the ‘A’ Squad.

Age          Gold        Silver       Bronze

10 years   1:34         1:44         1:54

11 years   1:30         1:40         1:50

12 years   1:26         1:36         1:46

13 years   1:22         1:32         1:42

14 years   1:20         1:30         1:40

15 years   1:18         1:28         1:38

16 years   1:14         1:24         1:34

Please note that the above qualifying times do not guarantee promotion as there may not be enough spaces to cater for all swimmers.  Any swimmer who shows ability in another stroke may, at the discretion of the coaches, be promoted to a higher group.


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